The twenty-three-year-old Makayla Cooper has been born digital and inadvertently addicted to smartphones. Her initially innocent fascination, has deteriorated into a world of always looking down – of living her life through a display.

This life has increasingly caused conflict with her Mother, Laurel Cooper, 52, whom she shares the family home with. The tension is not helped by the absence of her Father who has been transferred back to her birth place of New York to work for an international law firm. His decreasingly intermittent trips home have born their toll on Laurel who now seeks solace and support from her weekly appointments with her psychiatrist Abner Melzner, 56.

Despite Makayla’s dual citizenship, her accent remains British, but it has unknowingly evolved into predominately short text sentences. These one sentence replies that would sit comfortably within a text do not sit comfortable with Laurel, who feels something has to be done to burst Makayla’s digital bubble and cure her addiction.

The detrimental impact of Makayla’s addiction has also saddened her boyfriend, Stefan Price, 23, who feels their connection is waning.

Makayla herself is oblivious to all of this, and continues with her smartphone obsession, no matter where she goes – to the extent that she is now even observing society itself as a visually digital one, as if she herself lives in an App.

Enlisting the help of Abner, Laurel tricks Makayla into attending one of her psychiatry sessions, only to turn the tables on her and force her to complete a nomophobia test. This test to prove smartphone addiction is one Makayla passes with flying colours, much to the dismay of Laurel.

Upon seeing her Mother’s heartbreak at what she has become, Makayla endeavours to wean herself off her smartphone addiction. But in the midst of this challenge, Makayla realises the only way she can reconnect with her loved ones is to confront her addiction head-on.